Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Five Easiest Ways To Get Prepared

One of the questions we get asked most often here at My Patriot Supply is, “What’s the easiest thing I can do to get prepared?” It’s a tough question to answer, because there are a lot of easy ways. Today, we’ll discuss five of the easiest ways to get prepared for any emergency.

Some of these suggestions might not seem as easy as a lot of things we take for granted in this instant-gratification society, because preparedness does indeed take work. But, in the end this small amount of work is well worth it, because it makes things easier during an emergency.
1. Get A Preparedness Education for Free or (Very Cheap)
If you’re looking to expand your preparedness knowledge, there are many resources that are free or very inexpensive. A popular option are the many smart phone apps available, so you can keep this knowledge stored with you as long as your phone has power. 

The Red Cross First Aid app is a good one, as well as the U.S. Army Survival Guide.

There’s also the library, which will have a ton of materials on the topic of preparedness.

You can also check for free workshops or meet ups in your area to learn some new skills.

2.     Practice Your Preparedness Plan

As we discussed in our recent series on creating a well-rounded preparedness plan, practicing your plan makes taking action in an emergency much easier than not practicing. Practice takes time, but there’s no financial cost, and it will all be worth it if you ever have to use it. 

Part of practicing means putting things in order, like your insurance documents, medical records, a list of your emergency supplies and their location, and more. Getting organized now will also prove valuable during the chaos of an emergency. 

3.     Build Emergency and “Go” Kits

You can build and pack several basic emergency kits or go-bags in an afternoon. Generally, you’ll want to consider what you’ll need in each kit in terms of food, water, and first aid.

After that, customize it how you wish with additional gear. This can be a great activity for kids or newcomers to preparedness, as they get to see and feel what is needed to survive an emergency.  We’ll go deeper into building these kinds of kits in a later blog post.

4.     Store Emergency Food

When it comes to emergency food, you have a lot of options, though some are easier than others. Knowing preservation techniques is a valuable skill, but it also takes time, labor and equipment.

If you’re looking for the easiest option, purchasing a food supply that’s ready for storage is the way to go. We offer a lot of options for every need and every budget, and you can be confident that the food you’re getting is safe, will last up to 25 years and tastes just like homemade cooking. All you have to do is store it away—even easier with our slim-line totes, which jars and buckets can’t match.

5.     Secure Safe, Clean Water

Water is absolutely essential in an emergency. There are a variety of ways to secure drinking water for an emergency. You can buy bottled water. You can buy inexpensive water treatment tablets. 

But nothing is easier than having a water filtration system. These systems are your longest-lasting source of water, and the most economical as well. They’re also very low maintenance. The Alexapure Pro is ideal for home use and can filter 5,000 gallons on one filter, at less than four cents per gallon. We also have the Alexapure Go and Survival Spring that are easier to use in situations where you’re on the go.

Doing these five things are easy and will help you be prepared for almost any emergency situation.

What are your favorite, easy preparedness tips? Share with us in the comments below!


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