Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creating An Emergency Evacuation Plan

Having an emergency evacuation plan is just as important as any other aspect of emergency preparedness. We have continually highlighted different ways you can prepare for long term survival such as long term food storage, growing your own heirloom vegetables, and more.  Today we’re going to touch on disaster planning and having a well-orchestrated course of action in case of emergency.
  1. Have a Bag Packed – Whether it is an emergency survival bag in your car or a bag packed and waiting in your hallway closet, you should have an emergency bag packed with pre-packaged meals, water, flashlights, batteries, and more. Every second counts, so plan ahead and save time on the small things.
  2. Designate a Meeting Place – If you and your family are separated when an emergency occurs, you may not be able to rely on cellular phones or computers to contact each other. Designate a meeting place such as a church, school, or community center ahead of time so you and your loved ones can calmly and safely reunite. Inform your neighbors of this meeting place as well so they can assist you or your family if needed.
  3. Keep Track of Contacts, Records, Etc. – Documents should be kept in a durable, waterproof document pouch. (For transport, proof of identity, proof of ownership, etc.)  Head over to your local stationery or office supply store and make copies ahead of time. Store these in a secure place like a small safe for ease of access and peace of mind.
  4. Practice Disaster Safety Techniques – Familiarize yourself with the necessary steps to take while a natural disaster is in progress. Review the safety precautions for different circumstances (tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc.) and practice them with your family.
  5. Receive Basic Safety Training – Be prepared to perform basic first aid; vital medical tasks like CPR and first aid are a skill that should never be overlooked. Purchase a first aid kit and inquire about CPR training courses available to the public.
An emergency doesn’t have to be synonymous with panic, anxiety, and fear as long as you know how to create emergency evacuation plans. With so many uncontrollable factors that come into play during an emergency or natural disaster, the best thing you can do is control what is within your power to control. Plan ahead, be prepared, and serve as an example to those in your community as to how one can best deal with an emergency by acting quickly, confidently, and intelligently during a time of need. 

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