Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Best Areas for Survival

Whether an accident occurs while camping out in the wilderness or a natural disaster causes you to be forced to survive out in nature, knowing ahead of time which terrains and areas will provide you with the best chance for survival is an important component to your survival plan. Let’s review some common terrain found throughout the United States and where you should go in case of emergency.

High Ground
It goes without saying that higher ground is a prime spot to survive with several inherent advantages. For starters, being on higher ground gives you a better vantage point to see and be seen by passersby or rescue/military vehicles in the area. You can more easily see your surrounding terrain to plot the best course of travel when it comes time to search for rescue, and higher ground allows you to spot dangerous animals more quickly and take countermeasures to avoid their path.

Fresh Water Streams
The human body can function without food for many days, but water is absolutely essential. A good, steady stream will produce a constant, audible noise in its surrounding ecosystem, allowing you to walk towards the sound of water. Not only will a water stream bring with it vegetation and wildlife for gathering, hunting, and fishing, it could also lead to other humans out in the wilderness or even a civilization. Should you find water in a part of the environment where water is scarce then you can follow moist soil and vegetation growth back to the water's source.

Always boil your water! Parasites in water sources can be debilitating and even deadly if consumed. You should always be prepared in case of an emergency, and our water treatment and storage supplies offered at My Patriot Supply are perfect for providing clean, safe drinking water.

Access to Dry Timber
Anyone who has tried to light a fire with soaked logs knows it is quite difficult. Dry timber will burn easily, and should you find yourself in a place with access to a forest, you’re bound to find an abundance of broken branches and limbs around the forest floor you can use for fires. Additionally, much like higher ground, the forest provides an added layer of safety against wild animals roaming out in the open.

Natural Shelter
If your situation allows it, opt for natural shelter such as the sides of cliffs. Not only will this allow you to save energy you would’ve spent building a shelter, it can offer a much more protective space from sunlight or maintain heat better if you’re surviving during winter months. Should your position overlook a valley or some other type of clearing, a cliff shelter offers a site line for miles to be on the lookout for wild animals or other survivors. 

With some advanced research and know how, your time spent in the wilderness can be productive and short. Look out for natural geographic areas that will be advantageous to your survival efforts, and good luck! 

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