Monday, July 8, 2013

Patriot Pantry™ – Your Source for Emergency Survival Food

Self-reliance and survival preparation demands careful attention to the foods you stock for long term storage. This is a critical element to any preparedness plan.  To take out some of the guess work and streamline the process, Patriot Pantry™ and its line of emergency survival food was developed for the survival enthusiast and newcomer alike.

Patriot Pantry™ has gone to painstaking lengths to ensure the foods offered are made with the most natural and wholesome ingredients available. You will not find any GMOs or added MSG in these delicious meals. Their great taste makes them versatile enough for everyday use or safe storage for up to 25 years without compromising their delectable taste. To further add value to this great line of emergency survival food, all orders over $49 from Patriot Pantry™ come with free shipping and supply sizes range from three days to one year with customized options available. 

Let’s highlight a few of the product offerings:
  • The Patriot Pantry™ 72 Hour Emergency Survival Pack is a perfect representation of the array of foods offered in this line of food for long term storage. Complete with soups, stews, and rice casseroles, the 72 Hour Pack is packaged in lightweight mylar pouches and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Just add a pouch to boiling water and allow the food to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Use the 72 Hour Pack for a weekend camping trip, add it to your bag for a short business trip, or use during abrupt natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes.   
  • The Patriot Pantry™ Four Week Food Supply provides you with a much broader menu of delicious foods available for long term food storage. From oatmeal and granola to mashed potatoes, stroganoff, and even fruit, the Four Week Supply covers a wide spectrum of meals and food groups.
  • For the survival enthusiast looking for a more long term plan, the Patriot Pantry™ Six Month Food Supply can’t be beaten. With a delicious variety of meals like chili with dumplings, potatoes au gratin, and chicken alfredo pasta, you can mix and match your meals with plenty of servings for you and others. 
At this point, it should be clear that Patriot Pantry™ offers not only variety but delicious and decadent foods that can be enjoyed any time of the year in times of emergency or during your day-to-day life. What really sets the brand aside from other survival food suppliers is the ability to create your own, custom three month food supply. You can choose from a great selection of entrees and breakfast items to create a custom storage plan that not only fits your storage needs but meets the standards of your diet and tastes. Such customization can only be found online at My Patriot Supply.

Patriot Pantry™ Long Term Food Supplies offers a wide variety of delicious, non-GMO meals with no added MSG that have a shelf life of up to 25 years. Easy to prepare, easy to store, customizable, and including gluten-free options, Patriot Pantry™ is head and shoulders above the competition. Not only are your packaged meals delicious and easy to prepare, they are also healthy and meet the standard nutritional needs of any person which ensures you get the proper vitamins, proteins, and minerals when rations are scarce. Don’t start guessing when it comes to the emergency preparedness of you and your loved ones. Purchase from Patriot Pantry™ today.

My Patriot Supply is the leading online retailer for self-reliance and emergency preparedness. A proud seller of emergency survival food from Patriot Pantry™ and your source for heirloom vegetable seeds and survival gear, My Patriot Supply offers everything from survival preparation supplies and educational materials to homesteading essentials and everything in-between.


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