Thursday, June 20, 2013

Specializing in Preparedness, Homesteading, and Self-Reliance

At My Patriot Supply, we don’t believe being prepared should be a luxury reserved for people with large disposable incomes. We believe in offering high quality products at prices that just make sense; prices anyone can afford. We also believe in providing our customers with the most opportunities to learn, share knowledge and tips, and receive the care and expertise they expect when it comes to purchasing self-reliance products. It’s one of the main reasons why we’re so proud and excited to be able to offer you a physical hub for products, knowledge, and in-person interaction with The Patriot Supply Store opening this July. 

My Patriot Supply was founded in 2008 to share our passion of self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness with you and others like you. Not only do we understand the motivation and drive one can have to become a self-reliant survivalist, we practice the lifestyle ourselves. It is through this passion and dedication that we’re able to share our knowledge and products with everyday folks looking to make conscious, forward-thinking decisions about their emergency and survival preparation. We stand behind the products we offer, and hope our experience and knowledge shines through. Now it’s time to add a personal touch to such an important aspect of a survivalist's life. We’re ready to help you get the job done with hands-on customer service and expertise, live and in person at The Patriot Supply Store.

Our goal at My Patriot Supply has always been to continue to develop our inventory to reflect the needs of our self-reliance community and we feel this is shown through our product offerings. Our heirloom vegetable seeds and emergency survival food provide you with the tools needed to grow your own food and store rations efficiently. Our preparation and survival equipment like our water treatment products and survival gear provide a dependable array of equipment to help you become more self-reliant and secure in case of an emergency. We believe in catering to survival enthusiasts of any level at any end of the spectrum. A single approach will not fit the bill for everyone, and it’s why we have taken that extra effort to address all areas of survival preparation for the hobbyist and super enthusiast alike.

My Patriot Supply has had the good fortune of being able to share our passion with customers all around the globe. With the launch of The Patriot Supply Store, we’re excited to get back to the roots of emergency preparedness, survival preparation, and self-reliance: sharing our knowledge face-to-face and learning from one another. Come visit us this July and see that passion in person. 

My Patriot Supply is an online supplier of self-reliance products, heritage fruit seeds, emergency survival food, and everything else you need for emergency preparedness and food indepence. Visit My Patriot Supply today and take your first step towards food independence.


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