Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Term Food Storage

Storing foods properly so as to avoid spoilage is an important component to long-term preparedness. Furthermore, storing foods that are nutritious and healthy will make the process more worthwhile and efficient. Types of foods as well as their containers need to be considered before beginning the process of long term food storage. Let’s highlight some foods you should consider storing and the proper way to store such foods.

White Rice
These amazing grains have a multitude of uses and advantages that make them a prime candidate for your food storage collection. To begin, they are a versatile grain and can be added to a variety of foods and dishes. Second, they are very cheap. Third, rice is a fantastic source of calories.

When properly stored, rice has an amazing shelf life that could last upwards of 30 years. These grains should be stored in an air-tight container and away from light exposure. Including oxygen-absorbing packets in your container will further prevent spoilage and help give your rice a longer shelf life.

It can be suspect to absorbing moisture, but salt can last for years and years. Aside from adding a bit of flavor to your foods, salt can be used to cure or preserve cuts of meat, act as a gentle cleanser for utensils and appliances, remove stains for clothing, clean your teeth, and relieve pain from poison ivy or mosquito bites. This household commodity could also act as a bartering tool if the need arose.

Keep salt away from moisture-prone areas and sealed tightly when not in use.

Jumping back to grains, wheat is a must-have for food storage. It is a staple of the diet of billions around the world, and its applications are far and wide. Use wheat for baking breads and other foods, feed it to livestock if you have any, or use it to make your own beer should time and supplies allow it. Wheat is high in carbohydrates and contains vitamins, minerals, and essential protein needed for a daily diet.

Keep your wheat fresh by storing it in areas of low moisture and cool temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent insect infestations, consider vacuum sealing your wheat, freezing your wheat, or heating it before storage.

Indulge your sweet tooth once and a while! This sweet treat has a fantastic shelf life that, if stored properly, can last generations. Honey makes itself valuable and long-lasting due to its very low water content and high sugar content, which makes an unwelcoming home for bacteria and other invaders. Furthermore, crystallized honey can be gently heated to return to its thick, gooey form.

To ensure a stable consistency and color, you should consider storing honey in a place with consistent, cool temperature and low light exposure. You do not need to refrigerate honey, and it actually spreads or pours better when not refrigerated. Simply keep it in a container that is tightly sealed, and enjoy this sweet treat for years to come.

Learning to become a farmer is an essential component of survival. Storing the necessary agents of food growth is equally essential. Here at My Patriot Supply, we stress the importance of seeds through our sale of heirloom vegetable, herb, and fruit seeds and carry a wide variety of all three types.

To take some of the guesswork out of storing these seeds, all our seed packets come in special, triple-layered, resealable, and reusable mylar packets. This significantly increases the shelf life of our heritage seeds and provides you with a means to plan ahead for long term storage of your fruit and vegetable seeds.

Emergency Food
At My Patriot Supply, we carry a fantastic selection of delicious meals for long term food supply through our Patriot Pantry. We believe emergency survival food should not be synonymous with “flavorless” or “inedible” which is why we take care in offering a variety of meals and snacks.

Food for long term storage can be a great solution for your short term food needs as well. The smallest of our kit sizes, the 72 Hour Kit, includes a great selection of emergency food supplies to take along on a camping trip or a long car ride. It is also a great solution for potential power outages if you wish to keep your larger supplies untouched.

Keep these suggestions in mind when prepping and stocking your long term food supply, and share with us some ideas you have as well!

My Patriot Supply is the leading online source for emergency survival food, heirloom vegetable seeds, heirloom fruit seeds, and other emergency preparedness items. Visit our site today to take your next step towards survival self reliance and food independence.


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