Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Choose Your Survival Food

A key component of being self-reliant and ready for any kind of emergency is having a solid food supply. It is likely there will come a time when simply going to the grocery store won’t be an option. Many people living in hurricane-prone coastal regions understand this all too well. 

You never know when an emergency, food storage or crisis may strike or how severe it may be. Creating a supply of survival food is an important task that all too often is overlooked until it’s actually needed. Putting together a game plan will make the task much more manageable.  

Below you’ll find our top tips on how to choose your survival foods as well as how to manage and maintain your stock.

Tips for Choosing Survival Food

Tip #1 – Look for Long Term Storage Food
First and foremost, focus on long term storage food. Long term storage food is food that is prepackaged, easy to prepare and can have a shelf life of up to 25 years. MREs used by the military are similar to long term storage food that’s available to the public. brings you our exclusive Patriot Pantry brand of emergency food.  Our Patriot Pantry brand is available in supply options from 72 hours to 1 year.

Tip #2 – Stock Up on Canned Goods
Canned goods are a great addition to survival food supply. They offer both nutrition and variety… from meats and beans to vegetables and fruits. Another less obvious benefit is that the liquids used in canning can be used when there is a water shortage. Canning your own food is a great option for those looking to add to their long-term food supply. Glass jar storage can be tricky and we recommend the JarBox, easily the most convenient and effective mason jar storage there is.

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget About Drinking Water
Clean water is essential to survival, and therefore is an important part of your survival food supply strategy. In addition to stocking up on bottled water, make sure you also acquire tools that purify water. The Lifestraw is a portable personal water filter that removes 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of waterborne protozoan parasites from contaminated water. There are also water purification tablets and complete water treatment systems.

At the very least you should store enough water to last seven days for each family member. Each person will need a gallon of water per day.

Tip #4 – Don’t Let Taste Preferences Sway You
Today, we have a broad selection of foods that can be easily picked up at grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants. When selecting food the natural instinct is to choose what tastes best to us. However, that isn’t the most practical strategy when it comes to creating a survival food supply. Today there are more options than ever to choose from, but the top considerations should be longevity and practicality not what the food tastes like.  

Tip #5 – Have a Selection of Seasonings
Seasonings aren’t something that come to mind right away when putting together a survival food supply. However, they serve several important functions in addition to being relatively low cost and having a good self-life. Some seasonings such as salt are a nutritional necessity while all seasonings will help improve the taste of the food and make buying bland items a little more desirable. 

Tip #6 – Consider Survival Seeds
Those who want to ensure that they have a steady food supply for the long term, or those who simply want to become more food independent, should consider adding survival seeds to their survival stock. Planting your own garden of food has become popular in the last few years as more people have become interested in gaining more control over what they consume. The My Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault contains 20 different varieties of hardy heirlooms seeds that can be stored for 5+ years before use.

Tip #7 – Low-cost Essentials Are a Good Bet
Essentials like rice, beans, grains and oatmeal are not only long lasting and often nutrient-rich they are also inexpensive. These low cost essentials should be incorporated into your food supply.

Tip #8 – Buy Food Storage Containers to Expand Your Options
If you are buying bulk, long term foods such as rice or dry beans, you need the right containers to properly store the items. Look for containers made of food-grade plastic that seal airtight. Proper storage will help reduce waste, increase the shelf life of food and can be used to store other survival items such as matches, candles, blankets and lanterns.

Tip #9 Manage and Maintain Your Survival Food Supply
Once you have created your food supply you need to manage and maintain it, making sure to keep a constant supply but not letting food needlessly go to waste. In another post we will cover how to maintain and manage your survival food supply so you make the most of your investment.

Want to add a survival food supply tip of your own? Share it in the comments section below.


  1. I have just started to research dry canning. I tried it with just a single pint jar filled with oatmeal & it worked as stated. However, I dont know how long it really will keep, etc so just wondering if anyone else uses this method & if they have suggestions. Also, I have only found 1/2 gallon canning jars as the largest ones to use for dry canning bulk amounts of rice and oatmeal...does anyone know larger containers of some type can be used for this dry canning method? Thanks!!

  2. Longterm food storage is very important and should be prepared well in advance. We should not be too complacent and wait for unfateful events to take place before we start stocking up on inventories. That might just be too late and a lot of inconveniences are bound to occur. Preparation needs not be excessive but proper by following such guidelines to ensure we only get what we need and not waste food instead.

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