Monday, December 3, 2012

Announcing the Emergency QuickStove Cube

The reusable Emergency QuickStove Cube is an excellent stove for camping, hiking, and emergencies. The unit is lightweight, weighing in only about 15 ounces, making it exceptionally easy to transport. Unlike most emergency stoves, the QuickStove can be used again and again, for many years, providing piece of mind and a terrific return on investment. It is conveniently designed for use with fuel disks (4 disks are included), wood and many other fuel alternatives. It can also be used as an emergency heat source as well as a cooktop.

The QuickStove Cube is made of aluminum coated steel, which provides a better heat reflector than stainless steel and similar surfaces. A built-in wind shield provides protection from the elements and windy conditions. The stove features seven unique cooking positions to accommodate a variety of cooking speeds as well as a variety of cooking apparatus sizes. Absolutely no assembly is required. Just load up and light a fuel disk or another fuel source. The QuickStove is a great addition to any home’s emergency survival gear supply.

Fuel Disks
My Patriot Supplies’ QuickStove bundle comes with 4 top-quality fuel disks. These lightweight disks are comprised of natural materials and have no harmful chemicals. They are designed to maximize burn time, with each disk providing approximately 30 to 40 minutes of burn time. They can also be re-lit over and over throughout the life of the disk, adding to the stove's convenience and useability. Each disk is sealed to protect against moisture and are and non-explosive, so that they can be safely stored in the home for years.

Customer Reviews
Adrienne from Texas states, “The Emergency QuickStove Cube has everything you need to prepare hot meals in times of emergency, or during outings, such as camping or hiking. The stove weighs less than a pound so it is easy to transport. The fuel disks are easy to light and provide a flame hot enough to boil water in a matter of minutes.”

Damian from Florida states, “I was very pleased to see that the Emergency QuickStove worked just like advertised. I tested out the stove the day that it arrived just to make sure I knew how to handle it in an emergency. The fuel disk was easy to light and, because there was no assembly, I had a fire in a matter five minutes after opening the box.”

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