Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Sandy Supplies

The eastern seaboard recently experienced one of the worst disasters of our time with Hurricane Sandy. Many residents in New York and New Jersey, who never expected to find themselves in need of emergency survival supplies, are now in desperate need of such items. As leaders in the emergency preparedness movement, My Patriot Supply has compile a list of the most recommended survival gear and emergency supplies for folks who live near a coastline. These supplies will provide peace of mind and may even help you survive in the event of a disaster.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse is a hand cranked LED lantern that can be charged 3 different ways and offers a USB power output to charge a wide variety of smart phones - a major issue during Sandy's aftermath. Offering a car charging, hand cranking or wall charging to reach a full charge, the Lighthouse provides a solution in any situation.

Insta-Fire Single Pouch
Insta-Fire is an easy way to start a fire, even in harsh or wet conditions, and has a shelf-life of 30 years. Lighting a fire in emergency situations can prove difficult when there is little to no kindling and poor weather. With a mere half a cup you can start a fire in wet conditions or even when the wind is blowing up to 30 miles per hour! Insta-Fire is environmentally friendly because it does not contain Benzene, a chemical often found in fire starters, and is a specialized blend of wood and natural minerals.

The Lifestraw
On of the leading health issues after a catastrophe is clean drinking water. The Lifestraw is a personal water filtration system that will allow you to drink water from any contaminated water source. Pure drinking water in an emergency containing no chemicals and no BPA should be held in high regard and the Lifestraw will be a solution that you can depend on. Portable and compact enough to carry anywhere, it will fit in your pocket or on a lanyard around your neck. In addition, no batteries are necessary for use and the device has no moving parts. The Lifestraw is essential for an emergency go bag and will remain operational in a number of harsh conditions. It is recommended that you have one for each member of your family on hand.

In the case of Sandy, struggling residents are surrounded by contaminated water. Many storm victims have had to rely on donations of bottled water or water from FEMA. The Lifestraw can complement your personal drinking supply and help so that you are not dependent on outside help.

Long Lasting Food Supplies
Many victims of Sandy must rely on food supplied by FEMA or the American Red Cross. In some instances, residents in the Staten Island area were without food until the second storm passed. The Red Cross was observed providing residents with only cookies and hot chocolate after the initial storm. Though many charities have managed to get a few hot meals to storm victims, you should not have to rely on the goodness of others. eFoods offers a long term food supply options which contain healthy meals that can be prepared with minimal effort.

Emergency Stove
Preparing your meals will prove difficult without a working stove on hand. The Emergency Quick Stove requires no assembly... is reusable, lightweight and ships with four fuel disks and each disk will provide enough heat for at least two meals.

To prepare for the next disaster, stalk up on survival essentials. If you have someone that you care about in the path of unprecedented storms you can add some of these essentials to their holiday gift lists or those still struggling to return to normalcy send help their way immediately! Around the world we are seeing nature venture into new territories that have not yet seen destruction like this before. Make sure you and your family are prepared and well stocked on the essentials.


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