Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Glass Jar Storage Made Safe and Easy

Home canning can be one of the most rewarding things you can do to help your family to be self-reliant and prepared. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to begin a home canning program because of the hassle and danger associated with the traditional methods of storing and transporting fragile glass canning jars.

If you can remember seeing glass food storage jars in your parents' or grandparents' basement or garage, you are not alone. For generations, people stored their home canned goods in flimsy cardboard boxes or stacked the jars on top of each other on a shelf in a dusty corner of some forgotten room. These inadequate storage methods made the jars vulnerable to breakage or exposure to contamination from rodents or insects, but they were the only methods people knew.

Finally, someone has come up with a real solution.

Designed by a veteran home canning enthusiast to both store and protect fragile glass canning jars, the JarBOX eliminates many of the worst problems associated with home canning. It takes the worry and hassle out of storage and transportation.

The JarBOX canning jar storage container stores and protects up to 12 regular or wide-mouth quart canning jars. It snugly holds each jar in its place and eliminates the need to use wads of newspaper or old tee shirts as padding between the jars. Almost all interior space is taken up by the jars and it is nearly impossible for bugs or mice to find there way in. Unlike an ordinary cardboard box, the JarBOX is not susceptible to decay or damage from damp conditions. It can be safely stored for years in root cellars, basements or other humid areas. Also, if a jar leaks while it is in storage, the JarBOX will hold the spill and keep the mess contained. The semi-transparent plastic of the JarBOX makes jar identification easy without having to move and open box after box.

Precision molded of recycled, BPA-free polypropylene and HDPE, this patent-pending innovation is durable and environmentally friendly. It consists of two identical halves. Each 20" x 14 3/4" x 3 3/4" half can be used separately as a storage and carrying tote or combined to make a stackable box.

Stacking is easy. JarBOXes are designed to lock into place on top of one another securely and firmly. Once snapped together, it is very difficult to push them off of each other. Special half-moon-and-hole features are molded into the edges that allow you to use zip ties, paracord or bungee cords for additional stability and security during transport.

The JarBOX is dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to last season after season. The heavy-duty latches move easily and are designed to last after opening and closing 200 or more times.

When not in use, JarBOX halves can be stacked inside one another for space-saving storage or transport.

The JarBOX is the perfect jar storage solution for home canning enthusiasts, RVers, people interested in self-sufficiency or survival, or anyone who needs to store and transport their glass jars safely and efficiently.


  1. Looks like a great way to protect home canning from earthquake or such. Unfortunately, I cannot afford that much cost, since I can buy 25 lbs of beans for that money. If they were around $10.00, I suppose I would buy some. Most years, I can a few hundred jars of food, so I couldn't afford the jar boxes for that. One or two for travel or camping would be a good idea, however.

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  3. This is a fantastic storage solution. It brings back memories of when I was a small child and my gran would have us kids helping her can everything in sight and storing it in the pantry. They were set right up on the top shelf too where our hungry hands couldn’t reach them and where they could easily fall and break. That was just the way it was done in those days.

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